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Info for Tournament and Showcase Teams Only:

  • You must have your team insurance certificate with Fastpitch Nation Inc. listed as an additional insured as below. 
    • Fastpitch Nation Inc., PO Box 1176Simsbury, CT 06070
  • USSSA rosters are required for Tournaments and Showcases.
  • The USSSA roster is filled out online inside your manager account on the USSSA website, printed and signed by the manager. All players in an APPROVED GUARDIAN status do not need signatures. If a player is in a PENDING GUARDIAN status have the parent approve the player through the USSSA guardian process. If they are still pending, a signature is required by the parent of that player. Finally scan and upload to the FPN system.
  • Complete online FPN Team Athletic Waiver. INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.
  • Upload a PDF or JPEG of your signed current season USSSA roster. INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.
  • Upload a PDF or JPEG of your Insurance certificate with Fastpitch Nation Inc., PO Box 1176Simsbury, CT 06070 as additional insured. 
  • You must have your birth certificates. We do not need to see them but you need to have them on demand in the event of a player eligibility protest.
  • If you you already have the team in the system from the previous season and don't want to create a new team, do these things:
    • Log in
    • Select all the events you are playing this season.
    • Update Team Name, if needed.
    • Send the player registration link to any new players you have.
    • Make sure your insurance is still valid and if not upload a new one. Remember to add Fastpitch Nation as insured.
    • Upload a current USSSA roster. If your past season roster is there overwrite it. 
  • YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE FOR THE SEASON. When you start this process select all the tournaments you are playing at Fastpitch Nation  this season. If your roster changes over time upload a new one. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Athletic Waiver Process

a. Go to this URL:
b. Log in or create an account. Click ADD TEAM. Create your team name and insert your contact info. If this is the same team you have done before you can JUST edit the team and info.
d. Select (NAMES OF ALL THE TOURNAMENTS YOU ARE PLAYING IN) Click CREATE TEAM. After you create the team you are at the coach’s dashboard. 
e. Copy the PLAYER REGISTRATION LINK either by right mouse clicking on in it and copying it or clicking on the link, going to the page and copying the URL. 
f. Email all your parents this URL/Link and tell them to fill in the player info. Once they fill it out and submit they are automatically added to your waiver. THE COACH CANNOT LEGALLY ADD THE PLAYERS IN THEMSELVES. THE PARENTS HAVE TO DO AND ACCEPT THE WAIVER WITH AN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE.
g. You can always log back into the system and click the EDIT TEAM link to monitor the progress. You can also view the waiver info and remove players from this screen as well. 
h. Until you approve and submit your waiver you will see it’s in a NOT SUBMITTED status. Once all the players are added to your waiver, click the APPROVE AND SUBMIT TO FPN button in the waiver screen. The status will change to SUBMITTED.
i. We are automatically alerted when when you submit your approved waiver.
j. You DO NOT need to print or have anyone sign anything as parents sign electronically when they add their child to your waiver.

How to Upload your USSSA Roster and Insurance Certificate into the FPN System

a. In the FPN waiver system you MUST upload your signed USSSA roster and your insurance certificate..
b. To upload the USSSA ROSTER click the UPLOAD USSSA ROSTER BUTTON and upload the roster. Make sure you roster is in 1 file. You cannot upload more than 1 file. If you need to upload a new roster you just overwrite the existing one. 
c. To upload the INSURANCE CERTIFICATE click the UPLOAD INSURANCE CERTIFICATE button and upload the certificate. Type in the expiration date of your policy. This must be in PDF format. 
d. You must have your team insurance certificate with Fastpitch Nation Inc. listed as an additional insured as below. 
  • Fastpitch Nation Inc., PO Box 1176Simsbury, CT 06070