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Advanced Hitting Clinics with Rob Crews

Fastpitch Nation is excited to bring back to FPN one of the Top Hitting Instructors in the nation, Rob Crews for 2 incredible clinics Sunday, Mar. 19. Rob is the former hitting coach for the National Pro Fastpitch League's USSSA Pride and is a consultant to teams from top NCAA conferences such as the SEC and Pac-12 which dominate Women's College Softball. He is also the owner and founder of Complete Game.  Rob will provide two clinics back-to-back. Rob will offer Vision Training for Hitters followed by Power Hitting. Rob will be using the latest cutting edge technology for both Video Analysis of Biomechanics and Computerized Swing Analysis. Rob said "I'm excited to come back to Fastpitch Nation to present some of the newest stuff I've been teaching around the country. Looking forward to sharing what I believe are game changing drills and information for developing hitters both mentally and physically."

Clinic 1-  Mar. 19 from 12-2:30 pm

EYES LEAD the BODY: Pitch Recognition, Perception and Tracking Strategies and Video Analysis of Biomechanics

  • Video Analysis of Biomechanics
  • Visual Acuity Screen
  • Balance Control Assessment
  • Visual Mechanics Checklist
  • Drills to Improve Pitch Recognition
  • Strategies for Better Ball Tracking
  • Decision Making and Pitch Selection

Clinic 2-  Mar. 19 from 3 to 5:30 pm

Power Hitting and Computerized Swing Analysis

  • The latest in Swing Analysis Technology 
  • Power Efficiency
  • Contacts Points
  • Drills to Improve Barrel Speed
  • Drills for Faster Body
  • Focus & Confidence Game Plan & Strategy
  • Individual Power Evaluation with Specific Recommendation

​Cost is $60 per player per clinic.

If you want to participate in both clinics, you need to enroll in both.