Rob Crews Player Assessment Labs at Fastpitch Nation

Fastpitch Nation is excited to bring back one of the Top Hitting Instructors in the nation, Rob Crews, for 2 incredible days of very special sessions, Feb. 21 and 22, 2020. Rob is the owner and founder of Complete Game and one of the most sought after instructors in the country due to his vast knowledge, his keen insight, mastery of the latest technology and his ability to relate with players to lead them to the peak of their performance.

Featured Technology:

Hitting & Biomechanics Analysis

  • Swing Metrics, Barrel Speed, trigger to impact, Max acceleration
  • Batted-Ball data, exit velocity, launch angle, spin rate-and efficiency
  • Video Analysis & Power Dynamics Breakdown
  • Specific drills for skill acquisition

Assess Visual Skills | Corrective Eye Exercises | Measure Improvements

  • Dynamic Visual Focus
  • Smooth Visual Pursuit
  • Eye Movement Speed
  • Reaction Time
  • Binocular Vision Skills
  • Visual Concentration
  • Contrast Sensitivity
  • Vision, perception and cognition
  • Biomechanics and power efficiency

Rob will accept only 8 players.

Feb 22, 12p-3p 

Cost is $199 per player