USSSA Northeast National Championships

2020 USSSA Northeast National Championships


2020 Tournament Dates: 

  • July 16-19, 2020  - 12UB, 14UB
  • July 30-Aug. 2, 2020  - 16UB, 18UB, 18U Open.

Tournament Location:

Fastpitch Nation Park
1001 Day Hill Rd.
Windsor, CT 06095

Tournament Director:

David Rocha
USSSA New England Fastpitch State Director
Fastpitch Nation Park, Owner
860-658-6329 Office
860-883-3729 Cell

Tournament Quick References:


See all the complete COVID-19 restrictions and details, here.

Will USSSA Nationals at Fastpitch Nation Park be affected by all the restrictions?

  • Yes, normally nationals is a 6-day event, with a large opening ceremony, multiple days of pool play and then double elimination.
  • It is impossible to produce a socially distant quality opening ceremony.
  • Double elimination is impossible in today’s conditions to maintain the restrictions we have and produce a safe event.
  • Teams want to spend as few days as possible in a hotel.

What is the updated USSSA Nationals format?

  • Fastpitch Nation Park in conjunction with the USSSA HQ has agreed on the updated format.
  • USSSA Nationals will be the only event for the rest of the summer that will use an elimination format due to its very special nature.
  • The updated events will begin on a Thursday and conclude on a Sunday. 12UB/14UB is July 16-19. 16UB/18UB and 18U Open is July 30-Aug. 2.
  • Each team will play 6 pool games Thursday through Saturday.
  • Only the pool winners will advance to Sunday for single elimination play.  

What are the updated costs for USSSA Nationals in CT?

  • The national registration fee remains the same at $630.
  • The Local host/gate team fee is drastically reduced to $195 from $795 (a reduction of $600).
  • USSSA Nationals will also use the new umpire pay-at-the-plate process. All games except the finals will use 2 umpires. Each team pays the umpires $55 cash (no checks or CC) at the plate. However, in each final Fastpitch Nation (not the teams) will pay the 3-man umpire crew’s fee as a bonus for making the finals.
  • In this way the teams that do not make the elimination round are not subsidizing the umpire fees for the teams that make it to the final day.
  • With this new update teams that do not make the final day are saving $270 from the original format cost.
  • All teams are spending at least 50% less nights in a hotel.

If I have already paid my USSSA Nationals local host/gate team fee. Will I get a partial refund?

  • Yes, partial refunds will begin to be processed after May 26.

How many spectators can I bring to Nationals?      

  • Current restrictions are players, 3 coaches and 1 parent/guardian per player.     
  • We hope by the time Nationals are here we can allow 2 spectators per player. Governmental restrictions will dictate.
  • All games will be livestreamed.

USSSA Registration Fee

To participate in the tournament, your team must complete the online entry through USSSA website. The cost is $630 You can pay at the time of entry or pay at a later date. All payments for this event is by credit card only. 

  • Entry Deadlines:
    • The USSSA $630 entry fee and payment process must be completed no later than June 30, 2020 or when the event is full. 
    • Register for Nationals Online. Either pay now or enter and reserve your spot and pay later. No deposit required. 

Local Host Fee 

This year’s local host fee (also referred to as a gate fee) will be a flat fee of $795 payable per team. This one-time local fee goes directly to the local host of help offset the cost of the event. The USSSA registration fee goes to the USSSA National headquarters. There is no other admission or spectator fee to enter the park or watch the games.


This tournament is a Stay to Play Event. All teams which need hotels must book their hotels through the Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau. Fastpitch Nation Park and the Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau have worked hard with our hotel partners to provide teams with a great inventory of team-friendly and quality hotel properties, all at excellent prices. Most properties include FREE breakfast, FREE parking and a pool. All our hotel partners offer flexible checkout policies based on when your team leaves the tournament.

Read More for specific details about the policy and to reserve your hotel.

Team FPN Athletic Waiver, Team Insurance and USSSA Rosters and Waivers

All the documents and checkin-in process is done online and prior to the first day. Each team will need to do their USSSA roster and waiver online. Each team will need to create their team FPN athletic waiver, upload their team insurance certificate. Be sure your team insurance certificate lists Fastpitch Nation Inc. PO Box 1176 Simsbury, CT, 06070.

Tournament T-Shirts and Merchandise Provided by Fastpitch Nation Park

Fastpitch Nation is the exclusive provider of USSSA World Series National Championships apparel and souvenirs, such as tournament pins, t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, headbands, bows, jewelry and a vast variety of other merchandise. Tournament apparel is purchased and customized customized on site. NO PRE-ORDER IS NECESSARY.

General Schedule

​​​​​(Note the date of the tournament based on age)

Thu. July 16, 2020 (12U, 14U) or Thu. July 30, 2019 (16U, 18U)

  • Pool Play begins

Fri. July 17, 2020 (12U, 14U) or Fri. July 31, 2020 (16U, 18U)

  • Pool Play continues

Sat. July 18, 2020 (12U, 14U) or Sat. Aug. 1, 2020 (16U, 18U)

  • Pool Play concludes.

Sun. July 19, 2020 (12U, 14U) or Sun. Aug. 2, 2020 (16U, 18U)

  • Single Elimination.