Fastpitch Nation Park in Windsor is now Open.

FPN Indoor is CLOSED for the season until Oct. 1. 

USSSA Nationals' Program Book Roster

Fastpitch Nation will produce a program book that will be distributed FREE to each player and coach.

In the form below provide the following:

  • Fill out the entire form. All fields are mandatory.
  • List the team song and the artist who performs it (clean versions only). Our DJ will play it during the opening ceremonies when the team is announced.
  • Upload the team photo. Horizontal only and hi-resolution needed.
  • Type the caption of the photo as directed for all people in the photo.
  • At the bottom of this form click the Add New Row link and add a row for each player on the roster.
  • When complete with all fields, click Submit. DO NOT submit until all is complete. The system does not allow to save and complete later.  

Player # Player Name Position 1 Position 2